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CBD & ME®: Hand Sanitizer with Hemp Oil - Citrus 50 mg/oz (2 oz)

CBD & ME®: Hand Sanitizer with Hemp Oil - Citrus 50 mg/oz (2 oz)

  • 2 oz / 60 ml ℮ CBD & ME® Hand Sanitizer
  • 50 mg per oz
  • Great for cracked hands and to prevent further drying
  • Light, citrus aroma
  • Made from USDA certified organic hemp
  • USA grown
  • Produced in a chemical-free lab

    ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ethyl Alcohol (60%)   INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Infused Hemp Oil ^ (unflavored) (20%), Hydrogen Peroxide (10%), Aloe Vera Powder^ (8%), Citrus Essential Oil^ (2%). ^indicates organic

    Shake well and apply full pump directly onto hands for quick activation. Self sanitize pre and post cooking meals, touching surfaces, prior to or directly after an awkward handshake, grabbing a germ infested object, accidentally touching your face or any other stressful life event. Try a squirt on ankles to keep the bugs away and gift some to your neighbors who get too close for comfort. YOU deserve it and we promise...your HANDS will love you for it.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


    In addition to the germ-killing components of this product, the infusion of cannabinoids provides an anti-microbial, moisturizing barrier for cracked hands and prevents further drying. 


    Because of the nature of the organic ingredients used in our full-spectrum "whole-plant" hemp extracts, our infused oil formulas are especially inclined to develop small amounts of sediment at the bottom of the glass jar. This sediment is completely natural and much like a fine wine is unfiltered for a reason ... it allows all the green goodness of the plant to stick together and do its job, adds character and complexity and when in doubt, Shake Well and Stay Well.

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