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CBD & ME®: Organic Infused Balm with Hemp Extract - 500 mg/oz (2oz)

CBD & ME®: Organic Infused Balm with Hemp Extract - 500 mg/oz (2oz)

  • 2 oz / 59 ml ℮ CBD & ME® topical balm
  • 500 mg per oz
  • Rosemary aroma
  • Made from USDA certified organic hemp
  • USA grown
  • Produced in a chemical-free lab

    INGREDIENTS: MCT oil from coconut* (31%), cocoa butter* (26%), beeswax* (17%), shea butter* (11%),  hemp seed oil* (10%), hemp extract* (2%), rosemary essential oil*(1%) *(indicates organic)


    All ingredients are sourced from USDA certified suppliers and our full-spectrum extract is made exclusively with 100% USA grown and USDA certified industrial hemp in a chemical-free lab.

    Apply directly to pain and pressure points, pre and post workout, prior to or directly after a break-up, dinner with your in-laws or any other stressful life event.  Apply on problematic and dry skin or ANYWHERE on the outside of your body for quick activation in tough spots.  Apply to face whenever you need a touchup, in the AM or PM for an instant refresh and on puffy eyes after a hard day's night. YOU deserve it and we promise....any skin type will love you for it.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Deliciously aromatic balm with essence of hemp and rosemary. 


    Because of the nature of the organic ingredients used in our products, our balms are especially heat sensitive and just like all sexy "butter-based" emulsifiers, the product will develop small beads of sweat until finally it can't take it anymore and liquifies. This is sure to happen in extreme temps, especially if left in a hot mailbox, super sunny spot or inside your ride.  If you notice a "grainy" or "beaded" appearance, this is naturally occurring and does not affect the product's ability to work!  Lumps are the organic way of saying, "I got too worked up." SO - if your balm gets too turned on, try placing in the freezer for up to 30 minutes, apply as normal and slay all day.

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