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Golfer hitting golf ball

is your game's SECRET WEAPON

man using cbd & me balm on his sore neck


Apply before a long day at the range. Prior to heading out, give your pressure points a break & promote recovery time by applying our balm on troublesome areas. We promise this organic preemptive strike will make all the difference on sore spots and pesky aches.



Keep it in the golf bag. Repeated movements are made smoother when you target specific locations. When stress on the elbows, shoulders, hips or wrists pops up during a round, manage your muscle memory in no time with a no-fuss, no-mess roll on topical solution that makes a world of difference in the moment.

man using CBD & ME roller on his sore leg
CBD & ME balm, 500 mg
Image by Erik Brolin. Golfer focused because he used CBD & ME


Center, revive & grow your game. Take it internally, to build up a base, for optimizing mental focus, reducing overall stress on the body as well as the mind and better promote a more restful sleep. Concentrate on wellness and the energy will follow!

cbd drops for focusing on golf game
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